The - Team

dude with the idea That's me on Ayers Rock. If you have any questions, would like to find out more about Arne or send me an email (arne[at]australia-online[dot]org), feel free to do so.

I'm the one with the idea for this page.
and I?ve written these articles and taken some of the pictures.
Ralf I met Ralf in Surfer?s Paradise while having a couple beers, and we travelled up north together.
He encouraged me to continue with the webpage and wrote some of articles as well Email (ralf[at]australia-online[dot]org) or find out more about Ralf.
Kai Kai sent me an email, because he liked our project. He created this design for us and joined our team as a designer. Send him an email (kai[at]australia-online[dot]org) or find out more about Kai.