Traffic in Australia

If you are visiting Australia, you probably don't want to stay in just one place, right?

That's what I already imagined ;-)

There are several ways to travel in Australia.


In Australia you drive on the left side of the road, meaning you pass on the right-hand side.

The speed limit is usually 100 or 110 km/h outside of towns. In parts of the Northern Territory there is no speed limit (Attention: Since December 2001 on the Lassetter Highway between Erldunda and Yulara there is also a speed limit about 110 km/h).
However, hardly anyone pays attention to them, because the streets go straight for hours and you get so drowsy that you'll hit kangaroos and other animals easily.

Radar control

In towns: 50 km/h in Victoria (since January 2001), West-Australia (December 2001), Tasmania (May 2002), ACT/Canberra (June 2003) and New South Wales (since November 2003). 60 km/h partially in Queensland (except South-East Queensland), South-Australia, the Northern Territory and the ACT. In residential streets there is partially a speed limit about 40 or 30 km/h.
Note: In Australia speeding is often measured with radar. The Australian police intensified their traffic checks during the school holidays.
Our recommendation: Do obey the speed limits!
Radar controls are very often posted at the highways and there are still some cops who wait behind Promotion billboards.